F@×!ing Hot Day
This is the mood that July got me in. No keyboard was damaged, and no ice cream was wasted in this production. Who's keyboard is clean anyway?
I built my first IoT to help me track my project's time.
It took me three attempts to get these tendrils flowing. X-Particles to the rescue.
What's in the box?
I created this At-your-own-pace breakdown. This project explores how to use the browser as the renderer for 3D content to create an interactive animation.
Illo Goes 3D
This is my entry for the Illo-goes-3D contest. My challenge was to translate the original design from 2D to 3D keeping the illustration's spirit.
Let's SYNC
I like creating my own tools to make things easier for me without seeing Ads. And now that we are moving to Milan, I wrote this little-tiny-App to keep us in sync.
One Axis Rotation
If someone needs to animate wheels, here's a formula to calculate the rotation base on the displacement in one axis.
Finally, I finished it. It took me a while and some wrist pain but I gave a second life to this old design/animation I made.
Washington DC
Three years living in Washington DC today.