Four Seasons Mt.

The Endless Trip

Four Seasons Mt.

This was my entry to the collaborative showcase Duke & Duck put together on the 2019 summer at Dupont Underground.  Inspired by train travel, we had to design a real or invented landscape that the travelers could see through a train's window.  
Too far in the process, I realized that just Spanish has the same word for Station and Season and English hasn't. So, having these four train stations referring to the four seasons only makes sense in my mind (Fail).

#c4d #octane #loop| September 2019

The Proposal:


"Grab your Canada Goose and your brightest speedo, and book now your trip to Four Seasons Mountain." This is the fake brochure I made to get my spot in the exhibition.


The exhibition day at Dupont Underground.

This amount of objects and textures can only be managed with Layers, so thanks to Cinema 4D for being so easy to use.


Also, Dropbox Paper is a very useful tool.