Pick Your Weapon

I just wanted to try some glass and refractions, but I ended up getting this videogame's UI weapon selection.

*This is not an apology for drinking. But between cocktails and guns, please do some cocktails 🍸

#c4d #redshift | March 2023

The flavors mixing...

Just like audio mixing. All the flavors connected to the patcher waiting for their turn to show up. I was avoiding it, but RS Standard Mat are nice to work with. Love the Transmission's Depth. Also, I should write down what all these nodes are doing. If I open this in two months, I won't know what's going on. 

My first instinct was to animate a spline with PoseMorph, but using a Loft gives me much more control since I'm able to animate different parts at different speeds/times. Keeping it procedural allows for being more expressive and easily art-direct.

Look Dev: