Ready to start. Updated July 23th.


Not Contest ;)

Hello, MY FRIEND! Thanks for participating in this (not ;)) contest and pandemic activity.  


You should have 1 hoop, 1 piece of fabric, 1 needle, 1 plastic thing to keep your threads organized, and some colored threads ||||||.

How to place the fabric?

Go to 0:29, it's a good idea to make a little mark on the center before placing it in the hoop. Fold the fabric in half and half again to find the center, like the next video shows.

How to do Cross Stitches?

This is a good video but you need to place the fabric in the hoop first, I think it's easier.

I prefer starting the stitches the way this video shows at 3:50. Both videos recommend using one thread, I used two so you can get a thicker more padded result. Just don't run out of floss.

Find your way...

Cross Stitches are slow, you can use another knot for the icon or the background.


Again, this is not a contest, but someone will be the best... And please send me your work.

I hope I included enough info here, but youtube is full of videos about this.

❤️ Love, Victor.